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Senior Thesis

Everybody refers to me as tall girl. I am the 21 year old girl in her last year of college who is normal for the most part, but there is one thing in particular that differentiates me: I stand at 193cm and have an alter ego on the internet, where I go by Goddess. 

My band of followers, slaves, and Pay-pigs are vulnerable to my Goddess like powers, as I am superior to them. I strut my long legs as I tower over all men with such confidence, submissive men have no choice but to submit to my powers. This internet persona was not something I asked for or strived to achieve, it was simply pushed into my lap by the large community of fetishists because I am tall, and for them tall equals dominant.

I have branded myself over the internet as a dominant goddess and have a community of fetishists who bow down to my feet willingly, ready to Pay-pal me for pretty much anything. Selling socks and shoes, videos that are role-played, and different forms of humiliation that are typed. 

Living in a century with the internet on our side more than ever, new fetishes have given rise to a host of new terms and categories. I want to be able to open up conversation about other forms of male sexuality without ‘othering’ them. By exploring how this particular fetish subculture the project can show how it functions, grows and transforms as it interacts with social networks. Check out my internet persona: https://www.instagram.com/burtfeet/?hl=en

WikiBook: Television in the United States

For this project I took a lengthy Wikipedia page, Television in the United States, and made it into a book. The intent of this project was organizing large amounts of information and creating hierarchy within the structure of the content. How does the designer make it easy for readers to find the information they want? To answer this question I used changes in size, weight, leading, style, and column structure to distinguish levels of hierarchy.

2016 The junkie: municipal archive of junk found in NYC

This was a personal diary of stuff and things left deserted on the streets of NYC. All junk was scanned and categorized based on what neighborhood it was found in and held to a certain degree based on the context it was found in.

2015 Frankenstein Cover Re-design for DERT Book

This was a collaborative effort between myself and DERT Books designers to re-design the cover of the popular fiction book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The intent of the design was to show the earliest stage of Frankenstein when he was being created through the Lab notes of a mad scientist. This book is currently featured on www.dertbooks.com

Queens A La Carte

This was yet another personal venture project where I summoned myself to find the best food in Queens, NY. As I do everything in Manhattan I was challenged to step out and find the best hole-in-the-wall type places. Queens A La Carte was developed by personal opinions in order to break Manhattanites Outer-Borough Phobia and taste Queens.

Aesop's Tortoise and the Hare

This was another collaborative effort with DERT Book to recreate the design of this book. Illustrations, type settings, and printing were all done by myself and the designers at DERT. This was also my first take on Children's Book design!

Salvaged Brand Book

In my early stages of Graphic Design I rebranded a non-existent company that I named Salvaged. This company was a furniture brand that only used reclaimed materials, in my brand book I developed a manifesto, brand guidelines, social functions, packaging, and more. 

Theater Poster Design