2015/2016 was a big year for me as I was 'crowned' Americas Longest Legs. When I was founded by a well known production company, Barcroft Media, they decided to put me under contract and produce a feature on myself and my assets. This may sound silly and crazy but you would be surprised as to how many people followed my story. With the initial Barcroft feature reaching almost 3,500,000 views it shot off my social media presence. Major companies started contacting me wanting to do photo-shoots, interviews, video features, and more. Now a year later, its safe to say I have a series of crazy experiences and my own TLC Documentary under my belt.

Inside Edition feature

A woman whose legs measure a staggering 49.5 inches is trying to get into the records books. Holly Burt showed her very long gams to INSIDE EDITION and said she was frequently bullied as a youngster in her native Florida. "They used to call me 'St...